Clinic Profile

Our practice provides highly specialized, state of the art clinical care to performing musicians. We apply our clinical expertise in preventative medicine, injury management and long-term wellness.

We specialize in treating musician injuries. We provide a comprehensive evaluation which includes a full-body assessment and observation of instrumental technique to identify any structural asymmetries, or technical issues that may lead to further injury. We witness the importance of the Mind-Body connection for performing artists. We provide treatments for pain management, strength training, and performance enhancement. Hands-on care is provided for our patients, including massage, myofascial release, stretching, exercise, strength training, and postural training with musical instruments. Our goal is to enable our clients to achieve their maximum potential.

Wellness Workshops can be arranged for health information and injury prevention strategies. We present workshops to large orchestras, bands, and smaller chamber groups.

Because collaborative patient care is important to us, we work with other specialists, including physicians, chiropractors, and acupuncturists to provide optimal healing. We also make referrals to body awareness practitioners including instructors in Yoga, Feldenkrais Method, Pilates, Alexander Technique, and Body Mapping.

Referrals for general orthopedic, neurological and women's health conditions are also accepted.

Most major health plans are accepted.

Clinic Hours
Monday-Friday: 8AM-7PM
Saturday:         9AM-4PM

45 Newbury Street, Suite 208
Boston, MA 02116

2 Mayflower Rd
Winchester, MA 0189

Summer Clinic
210 Summer Street
Lee, MA 01238

Phone : (617) 277-1500
Fax : (617) 523-3063
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